You want to stop addiction to pron? Become 37.78 times less addicted? Then watch this

If you take small changes in life, if you create a system against pron you will succeed. But when you slip to your old habits is because you have wrong system for change. Small improvements matter and there is a big burden onto this. But at least you want a trophy by changing your identity.

Focus on becoming something than goals. You have to say your identity and become one.

So when a musicians form his first year he uses cool sunglasses. Who have the response on that? Well, all if you give into it?

So if you want to brush your teeth you will have to program yourself to do 10 situps after brushing your teeths. And that is system.

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- The movies that changed psychiatry in wonderful ways aren't yet arranged into a scene for most people. - Therefore we seek the encouragement of all participants to win over a brutal system.

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