15 minutes about Brain Immune System

We have many questions about a healthy immune system. And a healthy immune system is a healthy brain immune system.

Researchers have already back in 2010 discovered that there is an immune system in the brain. Surely it is that the brain’s immune system has lymphocytes.

Like with activation of the immune system in the brain like with Schizophrenia we have inflammation in the brain that causes psychosis.

There are still many things that are important to know about the immune system in the brain, maybe increased eating of meat creates a weaker immune system. It’s linked with bacteria, fungus, viruses, and fungus in this food. And often if the body is sick the brain might as well be sick.

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- The movies that changed psychiatry in wonderful ways aren't yet arranged into a scene for most people. - Therefore we seek the encouragement of all participants to win over a brutal system.

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