Why is behavior strange – Why are 2 years old children criminals and some as them?

This person who attends the whole presentation is the most motivational guy Jordan Peterson on the internet for several years and holds extraordinary speeches in learning people on behaviour and how to enhance your own life in a better way.

It’s another motivational speech, but it is good content for Psychiatry and behaviour in general. And you learn exactly what you need to do.

Did you know people often are 8bit, and you can at least be at a level of 256 bit that’s quite different than a 64bit computer? But the mind is like AI if it does not include knowledge. And school is essential to reduce criminality. Did you know people who are evil cynical, or parasitic? They often learned too tiny to use their time enough positive. That’s because they don’t know how to work, and work also creates less crime.

So why is it a part of the psychiatry that people often are from 5:00 in the video that certain people torture people living in psychiatry and engage in violence against the patients? Listen and know this. It sounds probably easy. But if you get comfort in water smooth, it can’t affect you, but you will sometimes see this happening in general to every psychiatry. Because some people are comfortable with the drama and action, that does not change because some are evil, and they genuinely are not knowing it themselves.

Addiction is scary. And honestly, it’s something we need to reduce, but that is a hole to fill, and surely you need to fill it out with what the hell it can be if you already did that again. It truly is by concentrating on how to reduce your intake, but at least the golden rule is to reduce it by 75% and not 100%. Since no one can stop 100% using cigarettes, it’s by excessive abuse and nearly all other drugs. But who can measure to at least drink or do drugs 1%? Then nearly that level would be legal if it was. It would be helpful for legalization if you could use 1% because most with addiction need that 1%.

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- The movies that changed psychiatry in wonderful ways aren't yet arranged into a scene for most people. - Therefore we seek the encouragement of all participants to win over a brutal system.

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