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    I know that a girl from my town was Bipolar at least she smoked weed and she was smiling and hysterically funny. But at least that was the best she ever had since going on medicine she was high up or high low when she used no medicine. But I’ve tried a specific collection of amino acids and she was straight normal.

    The doctor which was eager to research Bipolar Disease said that the brain might lack essential amino acids. We know that for example which is as well same with Schizophrenia. Studies show zero to nothing of any kinds of proteins in the brain that should have been there.

    So perhaps it’s easy to buy the stuff more potent for healing, it’s just a formula developed by Dr. Derda from Norway. A guy that makes music at

    The whole remedy is based on 3 amino acids and 1 fatty acid. Essential for brain normality even with Schizophrenia.

    L-Lysine 200mg each day.
    L-Carnitine 200mg each day
    L-Cysteine 200mg each day
    Lecithin 1200mg each day

    Enjoy your better life after then.

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